If you work for people, it’s most important to listen to people. Our interactive installation has ears 🙂 And listens… From what we see and hear, we shape new models of creative cooperation.


A fish sculpture constructed from discarded plastic bottles rises out of the sand at Botafogo beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, summer 2012.

You can’t say this isn’t great….


What Is Web 3.0 And How Will It Change Education?

This new table built by Dr. John Moravec details the evolving way we’re all learning, trying out technology, and growing as a community. Essentially, we’ll reach a new state of web skills when we reinvent technology tools to better enhance our personal learning. We’ll be at 3.0 when schools are everywhere and not viewed as daycare.

Do you agree with the descriptions in this table? What is being left out of the web 3.0 discussion right now? How long will it take to reach this new level of supposed understanding? Will we ever actually make it?

Best explanation I have seen yet (the table, I mean)