when art suddenly emerges.

I realize this is probably illegal in most places, but damn, it’s cool…

Get a Taste: Selected Readings from the Local Economy Revolution

In case you missed it, we’re collecting short readings from The Local Economy Revolution to give people a taste of what the book — and the approach are about.  You can find links to the audio selections on this page, and you can stream it or download it on about any internet-enabled device.   If you follow Wise Economy Radio on SoundCloud, you will find the audio there as well.   Just click the “Selections from the Local Economy Revolution” playlist.

Is there a part of the book that has particularly resonated for you?  Would you like to do a reading?  Send me an MP3 file of you reading your favorite selection at and you can be on the radio!  Well, such as it is….

Don’t know how to record an MP3?  I use free piece of software called Audacity, or pretty much any digital recording tool will do the job.  Have fun!






The only known video footage of Anne Frank

I can’t think of any reason why someone would not reblog this. 

If this isn’t interesting/sad to you, then I don’t know what you like in life.

Can’t we hit 1,000,000 notes? This is such a rare shot, everyone should see it.

1 million wowza