From the Good Ideas File: Good Idea Resource Checklist

I've written here before  about People's Liberty, an experiment in philanthropy though individuals that launched in Cincinnati earlier this year.  I've found lots interesting about People's Liberty to date, from their Fellowship program to the building that they have just finished rehabilitating, but one of the things that continues to strike me is how good they …

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Welcome to Crowdsourcing Wisdom!

This book is the culmination of over 20 years of my work with cities, regions, governments, nonprofits and developers all over the country. It gives you a clear, no-nonsense run down on why it is exactly that our public meetings so often end up feeling so miserable -- for everyone involved. It then gives you a step-by-step process for designing and conducting public meetings that actually generate wisdom, and it concludes with tactics for managing confrontational public meeting situations in a way that's fair to everyone involved.