John Hagel: How Drucker Thought About Complexity


As the complexity of our environment increases, we need to step back and reassess this rationale. The cost and difficulty of coordinating activities across entities, on a global scale, is far lower now. The pace of change is accelerating and the degree of uncertainty increasing. Perhaps a new rationale will be required to drive institutional success in the future. Perhaps we need to move from a rationale of scalable efficiency to one of scalable learning — designing institutions and architectures of relationships across institutions that help all participants to learn faster as more participants join.

An interesting thought, even if I can’t see what scalable learning really is. Even if i think learning has something to do with how we approach the future, there are limits to how fast we can learn before the result of the learning dissolves the learning subject into something without shape nor direction. Something which is completely adaptive to it’s surrounding is basically non-existant…

John Hagel: How Drucker Thought About Complexity

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