It’s not Facebook specifically that’s making you depressed — it’s everything. It’s the texts you don’t receive. It’s the exes your friends can’t seem to get rid of. It’s the cyber-bullying on It’s the indexing of everything you do or say, and the photo of yous, passed out on the floor of a bar that will exist on web servers until the next ice age. We focus on Facebook because it’s the largest and most information-packed of our 21st century social networks, but that only makes Facebook Exhibit A in a future where we’re all hyper-connected. We’ve all felt the pangs of envy or depression that internet-induced-FOMO provides. Facebook is just the perfect scapegoat.

Facebook isn’t making you depressed, but the internet is (via courtenaybird)

I don’t get this. I don’t find fb or the other platforms depressing. They’ve maintained relationships I would have lost otherwise, they’ve connected me to fantastic people across the world that I never would have met otherwise.

Is it possible that the real challenge is that we need to self-curate our connections— and get more aggressive about protecting our own mental health from the connections? And to grow more forgiveness for ourselves and others? perhaps this is a cultural shift that will be driven by our need to adapt to our technologies.

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