Finally, we are ready for your eyes and your hearts!

The Local Economy Revolution: What’s Changed and How You Can Help is hot off the presses (real/virtual) and available for purchase in your favorite media and on your favorite device!  Click “here” below to access your preferred platform:

  • Kindle e-reader here.  (Free Kindle Reader app for your smartphone or tablet or computer here).
  • Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader here.
  • Hard copy via here.
  • Simple PDF version here

iBook version is in process.


If you like what you see/read, be sure to do three things:

1) Give it a review on the site where you bought it — if  you can give it a good review, that’d be even better!

2) Bookmark this site so that you can find out about the examples, the extras and the conversations that will be hosted here soon.cover

3) Share this page with your friends, colleagues, junior staff, classmates, Board members, volunteers and anyone else you think could use a dose of insight and encouragement.


Thanks.  Vive la revolucion!

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