Interview about Local Economy Revolution with PodCatalyst

Interview #1 in the bag!

Clay Banks, one of the brains behind the great economic development podcast Podcatalyst, interviewed me a couple of weeks ago about the book.  Even though he was working from a still-kind-of-rough-draft of the manuscript, I was deeply impressed with how much he understood and seemed to resonate to the book. One of the things that I have been discovering lately is how much more economic development people “get” the need for meaningful public participation than I expected — especially, it seems, among younger folks who work hand in glove with communities.

I discovered to a little bit of shock when they posted the interview that he had pulled the title from a line in the introduction of The Local Economy Revolution: What’s Changed and How You Can Help.  In the introduction, I say that the book is for community professionals, elected officials and the broad variety of “people who give a damn” about their communities.  My mother would not be happy, but ya know, I think it fits….

Podcatalyst does a great job of sharing interesting conversations with people who are doing ground-breaking economic development stuff all over the country.  We’re looking at developing a partnership with Podcatalyst to cross-post content (they have an Itunes feed, while we go with SoundCloud).    So I’d encourage you to check out my interview, but to also dig through their catalog.

So be sure to check out this interview, and the rest of Podcatalyst’s work.   And thanks so much to Chad, Trey and Victoria for the chance to chat!

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