“Explore a new perspective:” Another review!

We’re up to three Amazon reviews now! OK, this one was from someone who had reviewed the final draft, but I was so grateful to read this:

I found this book easy to read and more importantly an easy tool to communicate with people who may not be focused on economic development every day (i.e. politicians, city managers, other departments, community residents). You will find in this book many ideas and concepts that will challenge you to think differently and help others to think differently about your local economy.

The book doesn’t sell snake oil or other one time fixes. That is the central point. One time fixes have had a poor record and in some cases cause more harm.

For anyone wishing to explore a new perspective regarding economic development, or needs a tool to help communicate a shared perspective to others this book is a must read.

That’s exactly what I was going for. If we can’t communicate this stuff in a way that touches people where they live, we’re all wasting our time. I hope you can use it to communicate with the people you have to get through to as well.

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