On the Road to Middlesborough!

I’m delighted to announce that I will be joining the Better Block Boro event in Middleborough, Kentucky next Saturday, October 26. As Isaac Kremer, Executive Director of Discover Downtown Middlesborugh, described the event to me:

We are having one of the most exciting community and economic development events I’ve ever been part of. We are building on the already successful Tactical Urbanism and Better Block model to create short-term interventions that plant the seeds for long-term change. Pop-up parks, pop-up shops, and complete streets will transform our downtown.

We will have Mike Lydon from Street Plans Collaborative to facilitate. Matt Tomasulo from Walk [Your City] will be there Friday morning and early afternoon working on a guerrilla wayfinding project. Leaders from the Kentucky Main Street program, Kentucky League of Cities, and several other cities all throughout the region will be represented.

So, what am I getting myself into?  Weeel, I’m not exactly sure.  But it sounds like fun!

I will be giving a talk and leading a discussion at some point and probably wandering around videoing what Mike and the rest are doing.  And I’ll have a few copies of The Local Economy Revolution – and a pen – along as well.

So, if you’re in Kentucky/Tennessee and you want an invigorating afternoon of pop-up, Local Economy craziness, come on down to Middlesborough.  Learn more by checking their web site at www.downtownmiddlesboro.org, following @BetterBlockBoro, or picking them up at www.facebook.com/ddmboro.


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