So…why are you doing this? Note #2 from Better Block Boro

Another little peach for you from my weekend at Better Block Boro in Middlesborough, Kentucky.  You ever known a med student?  They’re stressed all the time!  But here’s three from the medical school at Lincoln Memorial University  (and there were a lot more) pulling on long underwear and work gloves to help clean up an overgrown vacant lot and turn it into a glimmer of what it could be.

Listen to what they say about why they’re out here on a cold Saturday morning (and yes, the lady behind the camera assures you, it was Coooold!).  Each of them has a slightly different reason.  And note that none of them grew up in Middlesborough, or even live there.

Remember these guys the next time you want to say “no one cares about this place.”  LMU med students from other states came out to help this little town.  Chances are there’s someone out there who wants to make your place better.  They just might not be where you would first think to look.


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