Whoa. Kind words from PlannersWeb’s Editor

Positive feedback is always great, but when you get it from someone whose writing chops you deeply appreciate, that’s a whole ‘nother level of awesome.

Wayne Senville, the longtime editor of PlannersWeb, has dealt with my writing for years, crafting and refining my often clunky submissions as a columnist for Planning Commissioner’s Journal and its online incarnation, PlannersWeb.    Since I knew how much better my writing was after he got done with it (and since he hadn’t had any part in editing The Local Economy Revolution),  I was thrilled when he wrote the following:

It’s rare to find a book that so clearly and insightfully explores the close relationship between economic development issues and local planning — and pays attention to the very critical need to understand what residents want for their community’s future. What’s more, Della Rucker is a terrific writer — who can condense complex ideas while not oversimplifying. I strongly recommend The Local Economy Revolution not just to professionals working in planning or economic development, but to citizens aiming to make their communities more robust.

The part about the “condensing complex ideas while not oversimplifying” and writing something worth reading for “citizens aiming to make their communities more robust”…that’s what I was going for, and what I think I had to work hardest to achieve.

Thanks, Wayne!

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