From the Good Idea file: We need better 1099 data!

Five Reasons The Government Needs to Start Acknowledging Freelancers | Elizabeth Tse

 In the book, I spent a whole section on the 1099, or freelancer economy, which has been getting a lot of press lately. But one of the biggest problems is that we are guessing, sometimes wildly, about what they are and what they need.  Note this conundrum, and then think about how government impacts our assumptions:

Freelance opportunities, of course, can often provide the best of both worlds — but we won’t know if Millennials and other groups are balancing their livelihoods and their ideals until we start asking them. By updating its surveys, the BLS can start to delve into the values that are driving these massive changes.

and note this:

Over 50,000 new freelance jobs were created in the last month, according to Elance’s September Employment Report. None of them were counted in the BLS report released on Tuesday.

How do you do your homework when you don’t count the important stuff?

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