From the Good Ideas file: Louisville’s Lots of Possibility

Sometimes the Good Ideas file throws me a surprise.  Today’s Good Idea is a great follow-on to the challenge to magic -bullet thinking around vacant lots that dominated yesterday’s post.  According to this article, Louisville, Kentucky, is trying to figure out the vacant lot question themselves — and they’re doing it in a way that both acknowledges that there are no one-size-fits all answers, and crowdsources wisdom!

vacant houses

I especially love the fact that the competition has categories for permanent strategies and temporary strategies — as I keep working on describing the trend/need that I am tentatively calling a tactical economy, that temporary part is every bit as important.  We need lots of Little Bets, as the book calls it.

If you haven’t been watching what’s going on in Louisville, between their open data and community engagement initiatives and the mayor’s general Fail Forward strategy, you should.  Interesting stuff downstream along the Ohio….

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