Another great Amazon Review: “A book for people who give a damn”

So wonderful to read that your book not only appealed to someone enough to lead them to write a review, but also gave them a shot of encouragement.  If Sara Dunnigan, a well known and highly respected economic development professional, found a renewed connection and a dose of courage in this book, then I know that I have done something worthwhile with my time.

Here’s what Sara wrote:

If you’re passionate about making better places, especially places that have seen better days, you’re going to enjoy this book. Della’s a triple threat with experience in planning, economic development, and public engagement and the book provides valuable perspective on all three fronts. I finished feeling reconnected to the “what” that is the work, the “why” that it the purpose behind it and walked away with some new ideas on the “how” front. Most importantly, I finished feeling pretty brave and ready to tackle the hard stuff.
 Go get ’em, Sara.  You kick butt.  🙂

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