From the Good Ideas File: Sundaes for Crowdfunding!

A couple of weeks ago I went to an event called Cincy Sundaes that I though definitely belonged in the Good Ideas file.  The book talks about the importance of small improvements and Little Bets and micro-entrepreneurs, and crowdfunding, even for micro-projects, both helps good ideas take root and demonstrates the support that an idea has. The first one was held in a craft beer brewer/hall/hangout space in an old building in Over the Rhine.  I was amazed at how many people showed up – this is just a sliver of a big room: people at Cincy Sundaes   You paid $5.00 to get in.  When you came in, everyone received a ballot: cincy sundaes ballot And of course, you got a sundae (the ice cream and toppings and stuff  were donated.  I wouldn’t say beer and ice cream mix well, but this is Cincinnati, after all) Sundae Bar There were four ideas that were being pitched.  Everyone received a paper summarizing the proposal and what they needed funding for: Bike map proposal And after all four had presented, everyone got a vote.  The winner, when the votes were tallied, received the proceeds from the admission plus a small donation from a local business.  It totalled something like $1,300, not a ton but enough to get a small good idea off the ground. The proposal that won, though, had a distinct advantage: they had an art teacher on their team who could draw on the fly,

drawing in front of crowd

And she’s pretty good.

completed drawing

Plus they got everyone else drawing, which is always a good way to stick out in people’s minds.

So after 2 hours, one project got a little seed money to get going, three projects got some important exposure that will hopefully help them find other supporters, and a few hundred people walked out with laughter, beer-and-ice-cream-full tummies, a sense of having helped something good happen.


Not too hard, but pretty awesome.  You can probably do this, too.  To learn more, check out

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