From the Good Ideas File: More on People’s Liberty

I had the great fortune of taking my 16 year old to the launch of People’s Liberty, the very ground-breaking Cincinnati philanthropy that I wrote about last week.  The great thing about taking the kid was that…he’s already over 6 foot, so he could actually see what’s was going on in a sea of 350 of our new best friends.  For someone my height, it’s like having a periscope, except that you have to shout a description of what you’re looking for up to the viewfinder.  But we take what we can get. Plus he got to meet a lot of great people, which makes a mom very proud.

People’s Liberty just shared its introductory video, and I thought that this three minutes gave a very good overview of what they are trying to accomplish and how. Warning that the 16 year old is already planning on applying for one of the smaller grants for a bright idea of his when the applications come out this spring (Moms also tend to get defensive….grrr).  But the big cahuna fellowship is available to Cincinnatians right now.  I told the kid he had to finish high school first, so that one’s all yours.

Here’s the video.  I’m looking forward to seeing great things out of the People’s Liberty initiative.  Stay tuned.

People’s Liberty Overview from People’s Liberty on Vimeo.

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