Wise Economy Workshop Birthday Promotion! 30%-50% off Wise Fool Books!

It’s kind of shocking (at least to me) but it’s been four (four!) years since I launched the Wise Economy Revolution!  In that time I’ve gained thousands of readers, yammered at thousands of not-entirely-helpless audience members, gained the friendship of some amazing people and had the privilege of working on some kick-ass projects.  Also, I finally managed to write a book and edit another one, and I’m proud as hell of them both.

To celebrate surviving another year of this craziness, you can pick up both The Local Economy Revolution: What’s Changed and How You Can Help and Why This Work Matters: Wisdom from the People Who are Making Communities Better for 30% to 50% (yes, 50%) off their usual price!

book coverbook cover

Whether you prefer print or digital, we got’cha covered.  Just click

Here for print or ePUB -type digital (IPad or Nook)


here for Kindle E-Pub. 

Thank you for four great years!  We got a lot more to do…let’s go get ’em!

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