First AccelerateUS Journal seeking contributors!

Hi. I’m looking for your help.  

Next month I will be launching a new quarterly digital publication called The Accelerate Us Journal.  The Journal will be a thematic collection of content around a specific emerging issue in our local economies and communities.  My hope is to bring together a lot of very different stories that allow all of us to look at that theme from multiple perspectives — and find new insights.  It will include some of my repurposed/redone/rejiggered/created content, but it will mostly focus on what other people are doing in the US and all over the world.

For that reason, I need you.

The first issue is tentatively subtitled How We Work Together Now, and it will focus on how people and organizations are collaborating and co-creating today in ways that are different from how we did that in the past.  Part of this change is a result of technology (Zoom makes it easier to talk to people in other places, for example), but a big part of it is about… 

  • How we’ve changed how we see our own roles in our organizations, 
  • The coalitions and joint problem-solving we’re seeing in a lot of cities, 
  • How we are learning to work with people who don’t have the same background as us, 
  • The way both academic research and practical applications are combining professions in new and different ways. 

If you or your organization have a story to tell that talks to this issue, I want to hear it.  And if you read, hear or watch something that makes you think “That fits what Della was talking about!,”  I want to hear about that, too.  

Non-written material is awesome!!! I’m especially looking for things that aren’t conventional words on a page.  You do visual art?  You want to record a video? You heard a cool podcast?  Or a song?  A modern publication should engage all our senses, and it should talk to our hearts as well as our minds.   

So whether it’s your own creation or something that you enjoyed, I hope you’ll send me your goodies!  

This first edition will be free to prove the concept, but the plan is to generate some revenue so that we can pay contributors in the future.  For the same reason, I’m not actively seeking sponsors or advertisers this time, but if you have an advertising budget burning a hole in your pocket, feel free to hit me up.   

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