The Influence Landscape: The Evolving Power of Shapers & Influencers

What organizations need to understand and manage about the shifting dynamics of influence :

  • The economic impact on value creation and capture — from total customer lifetime value to total customer network value
  • The impact on rules of engagement — diverse sets of players are now shaping the norms and regulations
  • Geopolitical impact  on business environment — including social unrest as power shifts away from traditional bases 
  • Greater interdependence between organizations and individuals — including individuals who are employees

This is over complicated from my perspective, but the five trends identified in the arrow at the bottom are definitely important and well summarized. The explosion of choices for sharing information, being your own mouthpiece and fighting for a bit of attention has to hang profound impact on everything, including, eventually, how governance works. We’ve barely begun to get out heads around it yet, but we’re gonna have to do it fast. If disruption in things like the music industry makes for massive dislocations, imagine what happens when that disruptive force hits how we manage our communities.

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