When will Open Data come to your town?


In an effort to share our work and pool our resources, we created www.sunlightfoundation.com/policy/opendatamap. On our new page, you can plumb the short history of everything loosely discernible as an “open data policy,” from the 2006 D.C. administrative memo to city agencies calling for dataset release to the latest policy passed (South Bend, on 8/22/2013). Follow our Open Data Map to find out about forthcoming open data policies (at the date of this post that includes: (cities) Cambridge, MA and Oakland, CA; (states) Illinois, Honolulu, and Nebraska) and use Sunlight tools (such as Open States and Scout) to help you track upcoming open data laws on your own.  We’ll continue to cover these policies on the Sunlight Foundation blog, but invite you to help us grow this resource. Know of an open data policy we missed? Get in touch: local@sunlightfoundation.com

Impressive compilation…And more every day…

When will Open Data come to your town?

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