From the Good Ideas file: 100 ways to make your town fun.

What’s that got to do with your local economy?  Easy: people spend money in places they find fun.  And they spend more time in places where they have fun.  And, from the book, That Which Makes You Unique Makes You Valuable.

Nuff said.

This was the second of a great series of ideas.  Of course, not all of them will work for you (some I don’t know where they would work…) But I bet you’ll find something awesome that you, your department, your organization or your whatever can do.  And I bet good things will come of it.

Check out the article.  Here’s a taste:

25 (More) Ways to Make Your Town More Playful

Last month we shared 75 Seriously Fun Ways to Make Your Town More Playful. But, we cheated. 

You see, we just couldn’t come up with a 75th idea, so our list ended at #74. We’re so thankful to our readers who helped us fill out the list! And, we just couldn’t leave all those great ideas in the comments.

So, we present with you with 25 more ideas for making your town fun and playful:

  1. Add cheer to the streets with tiny notes.
  2. Host a temporary tattoo parlor.
  3. Get out on the street with a popcorn machine.  Idea from @wemakegood
  4. Three words: Cardboard Animal Picnic. Inspired by Patrick McDonnell
  5. Stop standing and start sitting with bench bombing.
  6. Install a Givebox Idea from @wanderingzito
  7. Start a bell box mural project.
  8. Conduct pointless surveys.  Idea from @uncustomaryart
  9. Put on a one man (or woman) flash mob.  Another idea from @uncustomaryart
  10. Build a treehouse for grownups.

Go read more.  Lots more.  And give people a reason to become People Who Give a Damn about your community.

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