More kind words about The Local Economy Revolution

One of the neat things about writing a book is that sometimes you discover that your message resonates with people that you didn’t necessarily think would be all that excited about it.  People in the online public engagement world are sometimes pretty tightly focused on technology, so it was a real delight to get this note from Jean-Daniel Cusin, Chief Solutions Architect at

Thank you for writing this book! It is very entertaining, it reads like a story, has kept me on edge, and despite the fun, reveals the somber realities of community development, how badly 20th century thinking has crashed and where things are headed. The false assumptions, the unintended consequences… she also gives hope and many really good insights on community development. She’s been around the block once or twice already. She knows. Refreshing, original, real thinking. Thank you.

Thanks for making my day. Jean-Daniel.  🙂


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